How to save money

Decades ago, entrepreneurs produced goods that were intended to survive almost an earthquake, to be indestructible and to serve people as high-quality products for many years.

Of course, in the opinion of consumers

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This behavior was right, because who of us would not like to buy a washing machine that would serve for 20 years or a TV that can be watched for over a decade and will never break anything in it ?!

However, this behavior resulted in a situation where many people once bought the product and enjoyed it for many years. Manufacturers of electronics and household appliances have started to think about how to increase product sales? Introduce new styles, designs, technological solutions or reduce production costs.

However, they came up with the worst idea possible from the consumer point of view.

They began to reduce the quality of products

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And actually program the equipment so that it would break down immediately after the warranty period expires. Using low-quality components and components guarantees that the TV, washing machine or camera will break down after two, three or five years, and this will translate into another purchase of new equipment for the consumer.

Fortunately, not everyone immediately runs to the store and buys new equipment, because this is too expensive. “Old”, broken, of course, can be repaired, but it can also cost quite a lot. While repairing the camera can wait until we have the right amount of money, for example, repairing the fridge (when it broke two days before Christmas) or the car that we use as a means of transport to work is simply requires “now”, therefore a cash loan can be a salvation. Repairing a broken fridge or car can cost USD 50, but also several thousand US, and this amount rather few of us can expect on their account.

And if you need to fix something almost on days

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You have to be reckoned with the fact that a cash loan will be the only solution. Although the decision to make it is painful for us, because no one probably likes to give back more money than they received in the form of a loan, what else to do if the equipment requires repair, which has broken down and it is necessary for us to function normally ?!

What hurts the most in all this is that it is hard to expect a reversal of the tendency of this producer movement. They sensed blood like piranha and are unlikely to give up this “brilliant” idea that generates a huge increase in sales for them.

On the other hand, we as consumers must take into account that expensive repairs or purchases of new equipment will be normal for us. Thus, in the household budget, we must provide for a reserve for this type of shopping, because if we do not do so, then we will have to decide on taking a cash loan, which will be the only sensible idea for such problems.